22nd SETAC Europe LCA Case Study Symposium | 20-22 September 2016


The SETAC Europe 22nd LCA Case Study Symposium is co-organised together with  Irstea (National Research Institute of Science and technology for Environment and Agriculture) and the two industrial chairs on LCA ELSA-PACT and CIRAIG.

Local Committee 

Ralph ROSENBAUM, Lucie LEMAGNEN and Michele EGEA from Irstea/ELSA-PACT.   

Scientific Committee
  • Ralph Rosenbaum, Irstea, France (Chair)
  • Manuele Margni, CIRAIG, Canada (Co-chair)
  • Philippe Roux, Irstea, France
  • Tomas Rydberg , IVL, Sweden
  • Alessandra Zamagni, ENEA, Italia
  • Alexis Laurent, DTU, Denmark
  • Paolo Masoni, ENEA, Italia
  • Guido Sonnemann, Université de Bordeaux, France
  • Anne-Marie Boulay, CIRAIG, Canada
  • Montse Nunez, Irstea, France
  • Enrico Benetto, LIST, Luxemburg
  • Annie Levasseur, CIRAIG, Canada
  • Heinz Stichnothe, Thünen Institute, Germany
  • Arnaud Helias, INRA, SupAgro, France
  • Eleonore Loiseau, Irstea, France
  • Gert Vanhoof, Procter & Gamble, Belgium
  • Christian Bauer, Allemagne, Germany
  • Philippe Osset, SCORE LCA, France
  • Urs Schenker, Nestlé, Switzerland
  • Guy Castelan, Plastics Europe, Belgium
  • Sebastian Zinck, Steelcase, France
  • Stephane Morel, Renault, France
  • Andreas Ciroth, GreenDeltaTC, Germany
  • Peter Saling, BASF, Germany
  • Serenella Sala, Commission Européenne – JRC, Italia 
Process and general organisation

SETAC Europe
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B-1060 Brussels, Belgium
+32 (0)2 772 72 81