22nd SETAC Europe LCA Case Study Symposium | 20-22 September 2016

Scientific Programme and Daily Schedule

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The scientific programme is designed to provide every opportunity to share and learn about business practice, application experiences and challenges, LCA’s increasing role in governance, and the latest developments in methodology and teaching of LCA.
The programme consists of 17 sessions for platform presentations, including 3 special sessions, and one overarching conference poster session: 
  • SUSTAINABLE RESOURCE USE: Closing the loop: a sustainable use of resources
  • ENERGY: Energy: conversion, supply and storage systems
  • PEF & OEF APPLICATIONS: Environmental Footprint of Products and Organizations: First insights from PEF and OEF applications
  • LAND USE FRAMEWORK IN LCA: Implementation of the land use framework into LCA practice
  • ECO INNOVATIONS: Innovation through design of more sustainable systems: Eco innovations arising from LCA
  • LCA & LCM IN INDUSTRY: LCA and LCM in industrial sectors, including public disclosure and reporting of sustainability metrics
  • LCA & UNCERTAINTIES: LCA and uncertainties: how to deal with uncertainties in LCA studies and their interpretation?
  • LCA FOR AGRICULTURE: LCA for agriculture: Food, bio-material, bio-energy, including aspects of water use, land use, handling of pesticides, carbon accounting, end-of-life modelling
  • LCA OF LARGE-SCALE SYSTEMS: LCA of large-scale systems - from urban to national scale including territorial LCA, urban metabolism and their nexus with circular economy
  • LCA OF URBAN WATER SYSTEMS: LCA of urban water systems from resources to users: water withdrawal, water treatment & distribution, water use, wastewater sanitation and reuse
  • LCIA MODELLING: LCIA modelling of resources and emissions - new developments and applications
  • LCSA EMERGING TECHNOLOGIES: Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment of Emerging Technologies
  • PASSENGER & FREIGHT TRANSPORT: Passenger and freight transport: On the road to a more sustainable mobility system?
  • TEACHING LCA: Teaching LCA in high level education systems (universities and continuous education)
  • LCA FOR POLICY: Special session: LCA for policy evaluation and policy-making
  • UNEP-SETAC LCIA FLAGSHIP: Special session: UNEP-SETAC Flagship project on global LCIA harmonisation and recommendation: case studies and application results from the Pellston Workshop in January 2016
  • SOCIAL LCA IN INDUSTRY: Special session: Application of Social LCA in industry - from methodology to practice (CANCELLED)
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