22nd SETAC Europe LCA Case Study Symposium | 20-22 September 2016

Social Programme

Welcome reception

The Welcome reception will be held on 18:30 on Monday 19 September in the hall of the Amphithéâtre Lamour.


Guided Tour and Wine Tasting 

The below social activities will be held on Tuesday 20 September from 19:00 till 21:00
Groups of 30 people will be organised on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please note that SETAC reserves the right to cancel the social activities in case of low subscriptions number. The social activities will then be reimbursed in cash on site.  

Guided Tour of Montpellier 

Place de la Comédie, Place de la Canourgue, Place du Peyrou... from square to square, we will guide you through the maze of medieval alleyways as you explore Montpellier through the ages.

Montpellier harbours many secrets and to discover them, our guides can open doors which only the Tourist Office has the keys of. A courtyard of a 17th or 18th century mansion house, the famous Mikveh (12th century Jewish ceremonial bath), one of Montpellier’s real jewels and entrance to Arc de Triumph!


Wine tasting in the historical centre 

Accompanied by a guide and a wine-maker, you will learn about the Languedoc capital’s wine tradition.You will taste 3 types of wines: White, red and rosé. In order to discover the famous French gastronomy you will taste 6 kinds of cheeses. As a treat for your eyes and taste buds, take a break and have something to eat in a mansion house privately-hired just for the occasion. 

In a cosy room in the middle of winter, or out in the garden in the summer months, the Hôtel Haguenot provides a prestigious setting for your guests. A winemaker will present the fruits of their work complete with canapés and a convivial walk to tickle your fancy! 
Feel  the French “ art de vivre”!




Hidden in an alley of the old Montpellier, past the door, we can discover a beautiful garden terrace planted with trees, facing the St Peter's Cathedral. 

A wonderful place to have dinner from 19:00 on Wednesday 21 September 2016 in Le Petit Jardin.

Address: 20 Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, 34000 Montpellier, France (old centre of Montpellier). 

Prices: 65 Euros for regular members and 45 Euros for students.